What we do

Our time spent with you allows us to deliver a comprehensive plan, developed together, that is deeply tailored, easy to grasp, and perfectly aligned with your objectives and requirements. This approach ensures that your financial journey is as clear and effective as possible.

If we can deliver this for you, we’ll consider it a job well done.

Growing Your Wealth

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Retirement Funding (aka Pension Funds)

This is the beginning and the end of it all, really. If you don’t plan for your retirement (whatever it may look like), it won’t happen. In South Africa, the government’s support during retirement is limited, so it’s up to you to secure your financial well-being. Your pension, preservation, or retirement annuity funds are the vehicles for this. To make it work, we do the cashflow calculations ascertaining your future needs, the money you have now and how much you are/need to save. The outcome of this calculation is the most important information we have in helping you reach the future you want.

All other investments (Offshore and Local)

This is a catch all for post-savings and includes tax free savings accounts, local and other tax efficient investments and offshore structuring. These can be through a SARS tax clearance or offshore funds in South African rand to diversify and grow your wealth globally. All these savings can be used for various goals like vacations, buying a home, education, or financial security.

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Protecting You & Your Family

Taking Care of Risks

This involves a range of measures like life insurance, health cover for serious illnesses, disability insurance, and more. Think of it as your safety net against unexpected curveballs in life.

Planning Your Will

Imagine your Will as your way of ensuring that your belongings go to the right people after you’re gone. It’s like making a list of who gets what to prevent any confusion.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is like arranging your financial puzzle to pay as little estate duty as possible and making sure you have enough cash in hand to cover that tax bill when the time comes. When your assets grow beyond R3.5 million, you might face Estate Duty when you pass away. It is always better to have a plan for this.

These protection and growth strategies are your not-so-secret weapon for future-proofing your finances, despite what life may deliver.